September 2019 – Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind

The weather may not change as drastically from summer to fall as it does in some other places, but plenty of things show the seasons are changing. The heat of July and August give way to cooler evenings in September, the kids are back in school and busy with ... CONTINUE READING

Help Your Student Athletes

This September, your kids won't just be starting up classes again at school. Millions of students nationwide participate in some sort of fall sports: football, cross–country, volleyball, or others. And while fall sports are a great way for kids to build friendships and fitness, they still ... CONTINUE READING

Just One More Bite

As you celebrate your last backyard barbecue, consider this: If someone puts three helpings of potato salad on your plate, would you feel pressured to finish it? According to nutrition experts, this pressure to finish your plate is making people ... CONTINUE READING

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