March – Relaxation Time is Family Time


I always try to take my family on vacation when my kids are on spring break. They’re out of school, and we can focus on being
a family. Sometimes we’ll go down to Southern California to visit my in–laws just to get out of the area. We’ll travel during the kids’ winter break as well, usually to Tahoe. Our goal is to … CONTINUE READING

Preventing Your Next Fall

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control reported that falls killed 19,700 seniors in the U.S. In the latest info from 2015, that number rose to 28,000. Injuries resulting from falls are one of the most common reasons for hospital visits by seniors. One way to combat this problem is to take time to improve your balance. The muscles used for balance atrophy as we get older, and the best way to prevent a fall or injury is to … CONTINUE READING

1 Book, 2 Book

On March 2, Read Across America Day is celebrated by students, teachers, and community members in towns throughout the country. They chose that date to pay homage to one of the most beloved children’s authors who was born that day: Theodor Geisel. That name may sound unfamiliar to you, but … CONTINUE READING

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