March 2020 – When It Comes to Success Luck’s Only Got a Little To Do With It

When It Comes
to Success

How often have you said “good luck” to a friend right before a big presentation, to a classmate before an exam, or to a teammate before a big game or meet? While there’s nothing wrong with saying that, I find it somewhat funny that we choose the phrase “good luck” in these instances. In my experience … CONTINUE READING

What Should I Eat While I’m in Physical Therapy?

Coming to your regularly scheduled appointments and doing your prescribed exercises at home are both essential parts of healing your body through physical therapy. Did you know that what you eat could be just as important? We all know a balanced diet and regular exercise go hand in hand to form a … CONTINUE READING

Completely Different Roots

From extravagant parades to green–dyed rivers, something about St. Patrick’s Day feels quintessentially American – despite its Irish heritage. That’s because many common St. Patrick’s Day traditions actually originated in … CONTINUE READING

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