February – Love and Business


When you work with your significant other, the relationship operates uniquely. With my wife and I both involved in Campus Commons, it can be difficult to turn away from the business. I might be out at a
soccer game and ask, “Hey, did you get that done?” Over the years we’ve noticed this tendency, and that’s why in 2019 I want to focus more on … CONTINUE READING

Laser Therapy

If you’re experiencing pain throughout your body and have been unsuccessful in getting relief no matter what methods you’ve tried, deep–tissue laser therapy could be your solution. This type of therapy is noninvasive and gives patients an alternative means to … CONTINUE READING

The 5–Second Rule Will Make You Sick

We live in the golden age of information. The answers to many of life’s questions are just an internet search away. Despite this readily available wisdom, we still have a bad habit of believing health–related myths. Here are three popular health “facts” that are total works of … CONTINUE READING

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