February 2020 – Patient-ly Waiting for Love

Patient-ly Waiting for Love

When I first started my career, I never expected a physical therapy clinic to mean anything more to me than a place of work. But two decades ago, a physical therapy clinic is where I met my wife, Tiffany. She came into the clinic one day to see about a problem she had with her neck. She had been in the front row at a Tim McGraw concert, and one of the fiddlers actually … CONTINUE READING

Asking Your PT the Right Questions

It can be helpful to view your physical therapy sessions like attending a class for bettering your daily physical health. After all, you’ll often need to do “homework,”” adjusting your habits or approaches to exercise in order to recover. And much like in a classroom, your physical therapist doesn’t have to be the only one asking … CONTINUE READING

The Effects of Love on Your Physical Health

The human brain is an incredibly powerful organ. It solves complex problems, recalls forgotten memories, and triggers a dizzying array of emotions. But its most incredible power is the effect it can have on the rest of the body. When it comes to love, well, our brains certainly love it, and our bodies reflect that … CONTINUE READING

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