April – Exiting the Mind of Business

Exiting the Mind of Business

As a business owner, a lot of the stress I experience comes from constantly having work responsibilities. I don't have a traditional nine–to–five schedule, so to keep all my waking hours from being consumed by my business, I have to intentionally set aside time for family. I have touched on the subject of finding a work–life balance in some of my other ... CONTINUE READING

Enjoying the Ride Better

As the weather continues to warm up, you might be thinking about saving some gas money and using your bike on your morning commute. Or perhaps you're ready to hit the trails on the weekends with your family. Whatever the case, if you use your bicycle frequently, don't let a cycling injury ruin your ... CONTINUE READING

Paris on a Budget?

Traveling has many social and educational benefits, but some people have hesitations that prevent them from jetting off on new adventures. Below are three debunked travel myths to give you some ease as you plan your ... CONTINUE READING

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