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Dan M.

“I first came to Campus Commons P.T. because of a problem I was having with my sciatica and lower back pain. Treatment has consisted of hands on work and some stretching and strengthening exercise for my back and legs. I am now back playing pickle ball consistently, and my walking tolerance is improved.”

-Dan M.

Dan M.

“Today I have full range of motion with my shoulder and continue to get stronger. And when I have my left shoulder surgery, I will trust my rehabilitation to Campus Commons Physical Therapy!”

-Timothy M.

Dan M.

“I came to P.T. about 7 weeks after a car accident. I was very grateful to Sarah and Mark for their thorough and extensive evaluation and their great treatment plan. I thoroughly recommend Campus Commons P.T. to anyone who needs therapy!”

-Kathleen T.

Dan M.

“When I started at Campus Commons P.T. I had a lot of pain, my left leg was numb and tingly and I could barely lift my leg. The work routine that you gave me worked very well to relieve the pain and numbness. Thank you everyone for the help and friendly atmosphere.”

-Tom G.

Dan M.

“I came to Campus Commons PT for rehab after shoulder surgery. Staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They modified my P.T. for me to get back on track. Thanks Mark and staff for all your help and support!”

-John O.

Dan M.

“The physical therapy I have received at Campus Commons P.T. has been excellent. I can do more now than when I started my treatment. “

-Maria T.

Dan M.

“Today after two months of therapy, I am able to ride my bike and walk without using a cane. Life is getting back to normal for me. The staff here at Campus Commons P.T. are great, friendly and very helpful.”

-Eddie B.

“I was suffering from terrible sciatica pain and from my very first visit, I had relief. Between the exercises and ultrasound, I improved immensely. I am recommending Campus Commons P.T. to my doctor and all my friends. It’s definitely a five-star operation.”

-Doris N.

“Yay!! Today I’m leaving Campus Commons P.T. pain free!”

– Donald C.

“P.T. at Campus Commons P.T. has been a real blessing. I can tolerate so much more activity now than I could before. The help here is wonderful. They seem to understand just how much is enough to keep me upbeat and ready to keep trying more. Everyone was happy and content with their job here and that was infectious. Sincerely grateful.”


“I came to Campus Commons Physical Therapy due to lower back pain after nothing seemed to help with the pain. The therapy sessions and exercise they’ve given to me to do at home helped to relieve most of my symptoms. The sessions are motivating me to return to more physical activities.”

-Rodney B.

“It was a great experience at Campus Commons P.T. I came in with my new knee and was in pain most of the time from surgery. After working with me and showing me how to move and exercise properly, I was able to leave my session, go home and get back to doing my normal routine. I am now able to do the yard work I enjoy, ride my stationary bike, do all that I want to do at home and generally get back to my life. Thank you all!”

-Nancy K.

“When I started P.T., I could not squat to pick up things from the floor, put my own shoes and socks on, step up on curbs or walk any distance. Now I walk 1 mile on a daily basis and do all the activities that I couldn’t do before. An unexpected benefit was the delightful, caring P.T.’s employed at this location.”

-Roberta R.